What have we been up to in ??

Hey All,

I hope you like my first blog last month of autumn top 5 hosiery trends! If you missed it why not have a read? Emma's First blog (there is a little prize in that blog for you).

My favorite time of the year is here, October. So what have we here at Simply Hosiery been up to? Well…. Apart from all the normal things we do! Katrina and myself got invited to a very special event where we meet lots of old and new companies, so this month and all the way to Christmas we have loads of new stock Coming online for you.

We also have a new brand to introduce to you call Pretty Legs. Why not give them a try here's 10% off use Code PRETTYLEGS10. Don't forget to let us know what you think by leaving a review.

Are tech guy Jamie has been very very busy too! With a massive surprise for use all at the end of October, We can't wait to find out more and let you know!

We are on a bit of a head hunt this month looking for someone that is a dancer and would like to try a new product out for us and give us a review.

Do you know someone that may be interested?

If so get them to contact me, emma@simplyhosieryonline.co.uk. I am always on a look out for people that blog or would like to do a review so if that could be you just give me an email.

Well that's all for this month on updates see you in November (how scary!!!) and don't forget to keep me informed if there is something new, old or just something you want me to talk about next month let me know.

Love ya all!! Emma