Posted on by Emma ward

Hey everyone, 

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! We were so busy that I didn't even manage to post my November to December blog! 

Gosh hasn't 2016 just come around fast! 

So lets review an amazing year we have had - 

  • Our amazing new website - Don't you think it looks lush!!!
  • New products and all the other new ranges we have added.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and my great blog of course!!
  • Are new warehouse (we are never moving again, the hardest move to date!).
Last but not least here are some of our best selling products from for the webpage in 2015:
So that's all for this month. I am always on a look out for people that blog or would like to do a review so if that could be you just give me an email
And don't forget to keep me informed if there is something new, old or just something you want me to talk about next month let me know.

Love ya all!! Emma