Hey you lovely lot !!

Hey All!

Once again sorry about the delay in my blogging! So what a year this has been and look how far we have come. So what has been happening after the whirl wind of Christmas and what have we got to look forward to this year?

  • So who loves the New Fiore Catalana Range that was released in November? Me Me Me! The patterns used in the new Catalana Range are dominated by classic, timeless forms: polka-dots, stripes and bows, but you will also find more intricate floral motifs, subtle decorations, and glittering threading. In addition to tights, this season Fiore has also put out warm over-the-knee socks and shiny socks. If you haven't had a chance to take a look here is the link to the new collection Fiore Catalana Collection.
  • Did you try this seasons must have Levante wool tights and stockings???? The Levante wool range was introduced in the end of October. They are 100 Denier with 60 or 70% wool content and they have flown off the shelf. I would defo recommend them so warm in these colder months.
  • Now onto my own little project! The Mystery Bag. Who doesn't love a surprise and for only £9.99 you cant go wrong, with a range of styles and products, you never know what you may receive but it will definitely be worth it!

Now onto the new year new me malarkey! So what do we have in store for all our beloved fans and followers??? Well.....

  • We have massive new brands and new collections for you to feast your eyes on! Now the best way to keep up to date with what will and has been released is to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and or Instagram and Pinterest, or alternatively sign up to our shop emails as I don't send but just one a month to keep you in the loop. 
  • And last but not least we will be launching your very own As Seen On Me Page for all you lovely lot that want to can now send us your reviews on our products you can also send images (Please keep them respectable and clean!!!!) to go with your review. More information on how this will work will be be added on to the new page in the next couple of weeks. Any questions in regards to this please email me.
  • And so much more but its a surprise shhhhhh!

Well that is all this month so, don't forget to keep me informed if there is something new, old or just something you want me to talk about next month simply let me know.

And remember I am always on a look out for people that blog or would like to do a review for us, so if that might be you, please drop me an email, emma@simplyhosieryonline.co.uk. 

Love ya all!! Emma