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Hey All,

So summer is all over boooooo! And its only 9th of September and already I am feeling the cold! But did you know before I worked here the thought of wearing any sort of hosiery just used to give me goosebumps as I never new how to wear them, and with what! So I thought it would be important to give my fellow hosiery lovers my top 5 style picks. 

  • I love Black (if you haven't already guessed from my old posts!) And always cold! So the first item I ever really loved was Silkys Fleece lined thermal Warm 200 Denier tights I know it may still be a little to warm for these but they are simply amazing and go with anything! (If you get hot or don't like fleeced lined hosiery i would recommend Fiore Olga)
  • My second must have item is something with colour! I know when I thought about it I was surprised too but with all my LBD a smudge of navy blue isn't that bad! but if you are felling braver the red is also so beautiful in this item Le Bourget Collant Pasco. Great for a day at work or even for an after work drink that turns into a night out! 
  • The purpose of pop socks and Ankle highs used to baffle me! But as I have seen them flying out the door,  I thought I must try some out. So I did and guess what I love them a lot, at the moment my faves are Fiore Chic with the cute bow detail they look lush with shorts, play suits, shirts or even my must have red pumps 
  • Now who doesn't love Beyonce? After seeing her on numerous occasions wearing  Fishnets, I had to try! Now I would say they are definitely for more of a going out look than for work but I would definately say if you haven't tried them I do recommend them to spice up any normal outfit.
  • And last but not least, I would have loved to get a big statement tattoo when i was younger but never had the bottle to have one and my parents would have killed me so now that Stop and Stare  are available I just cant get enough of them my faves out of the range are Shaded Roses.

Well that is all this month but I have a whole world of Hosiery that I need to try so, don't forget to keep me informed if there is something new, old or just something you want me to talk about next month simply let me know.

And remember I am always on a look out for people that blog or would like to do a review for us, so if that might be you, please drop me an email 

Love ya all!! Emma