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Hey All!

Today’s blog is all about our new Le Bourget Range. We have 8 brand new products to introduce to Le Bourget’s luxurious list. Being a high end brand, we have selected an on trend and somewhat especially sentimental set of products called the Heritage Range. This very high quality and elaborate array of tights is purely to signify the importance, the beauty and most noticeably the pride that Le Bourget has for its products, and also the memory of a revolutionary era.

These ‘Heritage’ tights are aptly named, as they have been selected specifically to perfect an everyday smart look. The ‘Affinant’ tights literally translates to refinement which is very reasonable to say the least, as the whole feel for this collection matches the same description, as each silhouette impresses in its own respective manner.

These tights have a re-mastered 1920’s vintage classic look, resembling the strength and unity of French women, especially in a time where that unity was needed most. All 8 of these tights resurrect the uniformity that was seen more noticeably on strong, hard working women that wanted to make a difference.

The pride of the French has been poured into these, which is why we have wasted no time at getting involved in something wonderful and offering these products ourselves.

The range comes in 4 different deniers, 50, 40, 20 & 10. Depending on the opacity you are going for, the strengths in the colours will either be bold, or gradually more subtle, respectively.

Click here to view the collection.

Please feel free to contact for any requests, questions and/or queries regarding these products or any others (please keep them clean)