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Hey all!

We have a wide range of Silky, Shiny and Glossy products to keep you all feeling outstanding and sexy. The novelty of shiny tights is something we realise can’t be over looked as they aren’t an everyday tight. They are special, and should be treated as such.

The stock we have all differ on ‘shininess’. So we have created a ‘Shine-o-meter’ showing our top 10 hand-picked products, each with different degrees of shine. We think this is the best thing for you. Consult the shine-o-meter!

Number (1-10 in order 1- shiniest, 10- least shiny, more everyday products)

  1. Cecilia De Rafael – Eturno. Seamless Tights High Shine 15 Denier
  2. Platino Cleancut 15 Denier Gloss Tights
  3. Charnos Sheer Lustre Tights 15 Denier Gloss Finish
  4. Andrea Bucci Silk Satin Sheer Tights 10 Denier
  5. Miss O Open Gusset crotchless Gloss Tights 20 Denier Black Seam
  6. Aristoc Ultra Shine (Any and all)
  7. Pretty Polly Nylons range
  8. Super Shine Plain Welt top stockings by Silky
  9. Le Bourget Satine Bikini brief 15 Denier Glossy Tights
  1. Fiore Sava Classic Sheer Tights 15 Denier

As the numbers get nearer to 10, it means they are more of an everyday tight, and that makes them arguably more practical. Shiny tights are worn for special occasions usually, perfect for making that ‘formal and fancy’ (F & F) impression wherever you go. The tights numbered from 1-3 are the best suited for these types of situations. We think that between 4-7 are a good balance between the ‘F & F’ type tights and the classical sheen. This balance makes these the most popular as they work equally well for all occasions. Last but not least our 8-10 ranked tights have a very subtle shine. These provide a smarter look then a shiny look, but the gloss they have makes for a very nice touch.

Please email for any questions (keep them clean) on these products. Also if you would like to leave any reviews there are opportunities to do this throughout the website.

I will be back again soon with new content within the next week or so.

Keep your eyes peeled!