New In Charnos

Hello All!

This week we are excited to introduce to you our brand new Charnos range. Charnos has been going since 1936, and most of the products are made in Italy. (we are over excited to have these in) Here are 6 carefully selected products from Charnos.

Our proud mix of styles are as follows;



The ‘Energising Support Tights and knee highs' have a sheen to them due to their satin finish The compression is gradual, they both start with a tighter support at the foot and then gradually become lighter just below the knee, and lighter still at the thigh. The compression level for Medium is less than that of the Firm. You’ll need to check which is best for you!

The 24/7 Custom Curves tights have been made to comfortably fit up to a 60-inch hip, so they are very stretchy. But just in case your excitement at their elasticity (which I'm sure will amaze and astound) breaks one, there are a total of 3 in the pack. The Xelence Comfort Top Knee Highs have been custom made for curves, so will be easy to use and shouldn't be too tight around the calf area.

The ‘sheer lustre’ tights have an ultra-shine finish along with a t-band body which makes this especially modern and stylish pair of tights even more fitted.

So what do you think of our new selection?

What is your favorite all time Charnos product? Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future additions to our collection.

Remember I am always on a look out for something to review. So if that might be you, please drop Emma an email, 

See you all in a week!