Summer Suitcase Must Haves

Hey All,

As the schools have now broken up the holiday season is in full swing. So instead of taking a heavy case full of clothes you know you will not wear, lets mix it up! Here is a little insider to what's in my case.

  • Any open toe tights are a must have in my case , they give you that holiday look day or night when your legs are looking a bit pasty before getting that much needed vitamin D we all deserve 
  • I am always bad for wearing  black or that LBD we all love so why not put it with a pair of patterned tights Fiore Sonaya is one of my favs! Alternatively spice it up with something like Stop and Stare (and no one will know that its the same dress!! they will be to busy looking at them legs ;) )
  • Pop Socks or Ankle highs are my best friend with a cute playsuit or shorts.
  • I love hold ups but on holiday the humidity and heat are not always the best mix for holdups but using Staysput it is never a problem keeping them in place.
  • OK, yes,  sometimes it is just way too hot for any forms of hosiery! But I still love a high heel in any weather so my must have item is my Gel pads in fact I would call them a life saver!

Now let's keep it simple - a washbag and Soak is my last top tip. Keeping all my lingerie, swimwear and hosiery clean and fresh, I just pop what I have worn in the sink, when having a shower and let it sit and with the no rinse formula  just hang them out to dry after getting out the shower. So no more dirty, smelly case to take home SIMPLES!

Also don't forget if you are going on a plane to take a look at our compression hosiery range to help them legs and ankles from swelling and remember to keep them toes wiggling!

And now relax, sit back and chill. You are after all on HOLIDAY!

So that's all for this month.I am always on a look out for people that blog or would like to do a review for us, so if that could be you just give me an email 

And don't forget to keep me informed if there is something new, old or just something you want me to talk about next month let me know.

Love ya all!! Emma