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Hello All

I hope that you all have been enjoying my blogs so far! Whether you are excited to be jetting off somewhere for a nice city break or staying local, here at Simply Hosiery we have an abundance of perfect products to help you feel fantastic over these warmer months.

Here are my 4 amazing Giulia must haves.

All these styles are luxuriously simple, yet still daringly elegant style of tights. All of these tights will have you looking back at yourself in the mirror for ages, so much so that I can guarantee your partner will be calling for you to hurry for your dinner reservation.

I am interested to know when it comes to you (yes you) and your choices with clothing. Is each item carefully considered or are you an impulse buyer?

The reason I have asked this is because there is so much involved with clothes shopping these days that even my girlfriend has complained on multiple occasions about locating the right specific items for her. And to tell you the truth she is delighted that I work here. She is good practice for my blogs as there are already tonnes of questions.

Well that is all for this week, but I will be posting again next week with brand new Product lines to the webpage (very excited). 

I welcome questions but I would like to request that they remain clean. Remember I am always on a look out for something to review. So if that might be you, please drop Emma an email, 

See you all in a week!