Welcoming Cameron!

Hello All Blog Readers!

Just a quick fact to start;

“97% of people who share posts do so because they believe it is useful” Quoted from impact.com 

I have many-a-time been told that I waffle. That is not so much a statistic, but still a quote. And also a fact. Luckily for you all, my content on here can be typed (but more importantly un-typed) and reviewed before allowing you lovely lot to read it to ensure that you feel the benefit of each blog. Even this one, which is simply for the purpose of introducing myself.

My name is Cameron. I am a student, currently working in Fashion and Business and will be finishing off my studies very soon. I have worked in various different retail and business environments over the past 4-5 years. Presently I am Simply Hosiery’s blogger so I hope that my blogs will be something that you all enjoy. I have always aspired to work in the fashion industry, predominantly in men’s streetwear as that is what I typically wear. I don’t as of yet have a ‘job of my dreams,’ but I am extremely passionate about my writing, my clothing, social media and I am here to grow.

I live in a large family where the female to male ratio skews heavily towards a female majority so they are all over the moon with my current position. Typically, Katrina and Emma they’ve assumed that I should just ‘know’ every item of hosiery ever produced so I’m getting some good customer service practice in already! 

Consider me a welcoming voice and a good omen. I will be posting blogs weekly to keep everyone up-to-date with new and exciting stock that’ll knock your socks off…in the hope that you’ll replace them with some cute pop socks of our own instead.

I welcome questions but I would like to request that they remain clean. Remember I am always on a look out for something to review. So if that might be you, please drop Emma an email, emma@simplyhosieryonline.co.uk. 

See you all in a week!

Kind regards,