Working 9 - 5

Hello All Blog Readers!

Today’s blog is truly dedicated to you!

For all of you that get up early and go to bed late, if you’re ‘on the go’ and always ‘on your feet’. You need a break for a start, but here with us you can at least make your days more comfortable, as well as picking up a few bits on the way just because you’ll want a treat.

Being lightweight and small, our products can be packed with any daily items, so if after work you have a dinner party or a date to get to, or even if you just like packing spares, then switching it up will never be a problem.

On your feet, in the office or on your lunch, here are some of our recommended ranges;

  • We have a range of classic silhouette tights for day-to-day use in classic colours, as well as a range of more exotic colours (depending on which product of course!) including; Bordeaux, Cappuccino and Jade
  • At the best of times being on your feet and even sometimes being sat down all day can be uncomfortable. Our range of Shaping and compression / support products are available to help see you through each day far more comfortably.
  • For those with a baby bump,  being uncomfortable is something you will all know too well. Maternity tights offer room for your bump which is much better than having to squeeze a straight pair over your tummy. The added room is like a breath of fresh air.
  • Wearing just suit trousers today? Try our Knee Highs and our Footsies. We have some different yet stylish examples to compliment your formal work wear to give that 9-5 suit that wow factor, and also to match your favorite pair of shoes!

Friends and colleagues will no doubt be asking “Oooh where did you get those?!” and probably “How much were they?” because colleagues and friends are nosey aren’t they.

On top of everything else, your new found ‘topical-tight’ conversations will surely be some of the reasons we help put a spring in your step. 

Well that is all for this week. I welcome questions but I would like to request that they remain clean. Remember I am always on a look out for something to review. So if that might be you, please drop Emma an email, 

See you all in a week!