Andrea Bucci Travel Socks Knee Highs Medium Compression 60 Denier Flight DVT

Andrea Bucci


Socks and Knee High Socks

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Medium compression socks helping maintain regular blood flow providing relief from tired, swollen and or aching legs thought the day. Uses include: Travel, maternity, sports and prolonged periods of standing or sitting. Helps prevent Deep Vein thrombosis.

These suit the larger leg better than the smaller (personal observation, preferring the support socks as I am short and have small feet)

  • Matte Appearance
  • Opaque
  • 60 Denier
  • Ribbed cuff
  • Medium compression
  • Compression level not stated
  • Hand Wash Only. Do Not Tumble Dry
  • 86% Nylon 14% Lycra Elastane
  • WARNING : Seek Medical advice before use if any of the following apply. Previously suffered from blood clotting, recently undergone major surgery, known or suspected DVT, Cellulitits, arterial disease, circulatory problems or diabetes.

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