FiORE Libro Diamond Patterned Opaque Tights 40 Denier Red highlights on Melange

Fiore Hosiery



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Soft, opaque diamond patterned tights on a melange grey background accented with red. 

These look and feel much heavier than 40 denier suggests. 

A beautiful product that will keep you warm on long autumn and winter nights and look just as good. You wont want to take these off!

  • 40 Denier
  • Matte appearance
  • Pattern stops roughly at the top of the thigh
  • No brief outline
  • Ribbed reinforced toe area 
  • No gusset size 2 - small
  • Lined gusset sizes 3 - medium and 4- Large
  • Flat seams
  • Hand wash only 30°, do not bleach, iron, tumble dry or dry clean
  • Suspender belt / girdle/ clothing /shoes shown in photo not included and intended for illustration purposes only.

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