Gio Full Contrast Cuban Heel Seamed Stockings 100% Non Stretch Nylon 1940 retro


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Genuine 1950's style nylon stockings are made in the traditional way on genuine Reading machines and steam boarded. These sensual stockings have a plain welt top and a sheer, glossy leg with full Contrast Black Seam, Heel, Toe and Welt tops.

  • 15 Denier
  • Fully Fashioned
  • Full Contrast Black Seam, Welt Tops, heels, toes and sole of foot
  • Please note the Black seam and soles are not a solid jet black  as the leg colour stitching overlaps the black and creates a slightly mottled effect, apart from the welt which is solid jet black. This is an actual Seam, and not printed on or knitted thickly like modern reproductions.
  • Cuban Heel = Squared off above ankle (not pointed)
  • Glossy
  • Sheer Leg
  • Reinforced sole, toes and heels
  • Flat yet beautiful tops for a smooth and non-itchy profile
  • Model to left shown wearing Bronze - Black
  • Both colours come with a black back seam
  • Suspender belt / girdles / Shoes shown in photo not included
  • Hand Wash Only. Do Not Tumble Dry
  • 100% Non Stretch Nylon

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