How to put on Tights

Taking time to put on your tights and using the correct method is the best way to make your hosiery last longer.
  1. Before you even get your tights out of the packet check the size chart and make sure you have the right size. If the hosiery has a pattern, check to see if there is a front or back side.
  2. Ensure that your nails have been filed and remove any jewellery or watches. You'll also want to apply moisturiser to you hands, legs and feet. If you have them put on your hosiery gloves. 
  3. First roll one of the legs up in to the toe section. Then carefully place your foot into the tights and slowly roll the tights half way up your lower leg. Now position the seam straight across the tip of your toes before repeating the process with the other leg. 
  4. Continue rolling the leg up to the knees, then standing gently pull the tights up to the waist and position until comfortable. Check that the tights smooth and not twisted. 
  5. Your then ready to strut your stuff.