Pendeza Toned Tights 15 Denier 5 tones to close Skin Match XXL 54" to 60" hips




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Toned Collection Tights

The Pendeza Toned Collection brings hosiery for colourful women to the market. Using only the highest quality yarns and fibres to ensure durability, comfort and style, Pendeza's carefully selected colour tones make them the perfect sheer pantyhose, closely matching many darker skin tones.

*please note they do not match everyone's skin tone and the color match is always open to personal taste*

  • 15 Denier
  • Matte appearance
  • Sheer Smooth knit Leg
  • Reinforced toes
  • Reinforced hips
  • Boxer style brief for durability
  • Back panel gusset
  • Average size waist band
  • Hand wash only
  • Do not tumble dry, dry clean, iron or bleach
  • Hosiery Gloves recommended.

Colour Tone descriptions

  • Tone 10 is the lightest tone, which suits women with fairer skin, as it beautifully emphasizes their natural skin tone.
  • Tone 20 is a mildly dark tone, which suits women with a flair for style and perfection as it captures the essence of their skin colour whilst emphasizing their legs at the same time.
  • Tone 30 is in the middle of the spectrum.  This is a gentle soft colour, suitable for many complexions.  The product looks beautiful on women with medium dark skin tones as it blends naturally with their skin to create an exact match.
  • Tone 40 is a fairly dark tone. The product suits women with dark skin tones as it hides blemishes on the skin whilst blending in to give a perfectly natural finish.
  • Tone 50 is the darkest colour tone. This product hides marks on the skin, giving a confidence and beautiful feeling to the wearer.  Works wells with blended skin tones.

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