Platino Cleancut 15 Denier Gloss Tights - Laser Cut tops




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Please Note: This product is slightly different from previous productions. The ironing process has been changed to give the product more durability and stretch, but as a result the product may not produce as much shine as previously. All other aspects of the garment remain the same.

Unique laser cut hosiery with no waistband from Platino, one of Europe's highly regarded brands. Manufactured in Spain.

  • Sheer to Waist
  • Sandal Toe
  • Micro-Silicone coated fibres enable a slide into fit
  • Gloss finish
  • Laser cut non - fray waistband - no bulky folded and sewn waistband
  • Size 5 (V 44-46) - Extra large has a back panel gusset to accomodate the larger hip, and has shorter height than the size 4 (IV 42-44) Large
  • 68% Nylon Polyamide, 32% Elastane

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